NHS Tenders ? How to achieve success when Starting the Tendering Process

NHS Tenders ? How to achieve success when Starting the Tendering Process

The process to submit an application for NHS tenders is often costly and incredibly time intensive. If you are unsuccessful in your tender application it may be very disappointing given the effort required.

Before you decide to even start to tender for the NHS you should know what it is the NHS requires for the contact and identify whether your company or business can cope with any special demands or requirements of the tender. There are numerous of questions you need to address to ascertain your businesses suitability for the tender in question:

•Do you and the company possess the necessary experience?

•Are there people qualified in the work within your business?

•Have you had any prior experience with the NHS before?

•Even if not with the NHS, does your business have experience of the sort of work required?

•There is no guarantee that you will win the tender, are you prepared to invest the resource in the tender process?

•Do you have the required time and manpower to complete the project in the given time frame?

•Can you deliver the project inside the given time?

•Do you understand exactly what is expected from your company from the NHS tender?

Once you have established that your company can satisfy the requirements and deliver to the required standard expected from the NHS tender, then you’re able to start to think about the next stage of the process.

The next stage of any NHS tender is the Pre Qualification Questionnaire.

In the Pre Qualification Questionnaire you will be asked a number of questions regarding your business, finances and suitability for the contract. The information requested might include:

•Details about your organisation, company or business

•Information on any health and safety policies you might have in place

•Information on your workforce such as the skills and qualifications held

•The finances of your company

•The appropriate experience of you company concerning the work involved in the NHS tender (NHS experience isn’t always necessary but they would want to see at least some evidence of similar projects)

Ensure the information which you provide as part of the Pre Qualification Questionnaire is applicable, and you provide all the information requested. If there is anything that isn’t clear, make sure you seek clarification. This is a method to draw up a shortlist, if you do not progress past this stage then your business hasn’t met the suitability requirements of the particular tender .

If you have provided all the details and done the appropriate research before completing the Pre Qualification Questionnaire then you ought to have every chance of advancing within the tender process, on to the invitation to tender stage. It is imperative that you put in the groundwork at this stage of the process if you want to become successful with NHS tenders.

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