How does littleton coin company in NH deliver their products?

Question by Josh M: How does littleton coin company in NH deliver their products?
do they do UPS, Fed ex or what. help!
approximately how long does it take them to deliver from NH to TX?
please help me I’ve been waiting 11 days now!
Does it ship by UPS, FED EX or I don’t really know.
The other thing I need to know is how long it takes to be shipped from NH to TX (New Hampshire-Texas)
I ask this because Ive been waiting 11 days for my quarters.

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Answer by onehonestguy
Checking their website, it says to expect the delivery to take 7-14 business days, which probably includes the time it takes to put the order together and process it through to shipping. However, even if they are sending the order by First Class Mail, it shouldn’t take that long for an order to go from New Hampshire to Texas. I live relatively close to Texas, have family in New Hampshire, and first class mail usually gets to me in 4 or 5 days. If they are sending it Media Mail, it might take longer, but that is usually just for books. If you haven’t gotten the coins by now, I would be calling Littleton.

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