How to become a process server in NH?

Question by cacuna0221: How to become a process server in NH?
I am very interested in becoming a process server and starting my own business. I have done some research an most of the process servers are also private investigators. Is this required? Also I can not find any info on how to get a license for the process serving in NH. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by midtempo_abg
I am originally from Massachusetts but live in Derry now. This is only advice from the grapevine, but might help you.

I was once informally talking to someone about how an eviction works in New Hampshire, and I mentioned that in Massachusetts, a constable serves notices to people. She replied that in New Hampshire, the sheriff serves notices and acts as a process server. Although I find it hard to believe that a sheriff is the one person who serves all notices in NH – that doesn’t make much sense to me. But perhaps you should call your sheriff’s office during the day and ask them how it’s done. Look in the government pages in your phone book to find your sheriff’s office’s phone number. A little self-initiated research is never a bad idea and could even land you a job should you ever be qualified. And many government employees are more than glad to be distracted by a call from one of their constituents.

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