NH: Paul sympathizer gets 90 days 4 standing at own trial

Sponsor: FreeKeene.com – Refusal to bully his tenants puts Keene, New Hampshire resident Ian Freeman on trial. Failure to sit within six seconds puts him in jail for three months! There may be other factors such as refusal to answer one of the judge’s questions. Freeman hosts the syndicated Free Talk Live radio show, which airs on 42 stations around the country FreeTalkLive.com Full disclosure The advertiser, FreeKeene.com, is an institution run by Freeman. The story’s almost on the front page of Digg but needs your help: digg.com Music by: FrogLick.com – aband that includes our buddy Shyfrog aka Lou from Peterborough If you want to commission ads similar to the one in this vid, email me through RidleyReport.com Additional Keywords: free state project libertarian court prison jail westmoreland freedom civil disobedience mahatma gandhi martin luther king jr. henry david thoreau government talk radio keene alex jones john lynch free talk live ian freeman bernard julia dave ridley report ridleyreport joe the plumber sarah palin john stossel ayn rand judge police abuse live free or die penn and teller jillette …. Please thank our sponsor by visiting … FREEKEENE.COM
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