Yeah. Yeah, Imma up at Conway Now I’m down in Manchester Next to Adam Sandler But I’ll be woods forever I’m the new Salinger Cuz I could live anywhere But I choose to live here The middle of nowhere I used to shop in Salem Next to Rockingham Park Right there up on 28 Youll find Canobie Lake Park Bring me up to Portsmouth the saloon at State Street Catch me up at Gilleys after closing for some late eats Its not the kangamangus The Kancamagus Its a scenic byway That I like to drive in August Now Im down at Bedford Home of Seth Meyers, yeah Also Sarah Silverman were funny motherfuckas here We like to say whatsup guy, its the way we say hi In February it is good to know a plow guy It is shaped like a key, also where I like to ski Tell by my belt buckle that I most definitely from… NEW HAMPSHIRE LAND WHERE THERES NO INCOME OR SALES TAX THERE S NOTHING MUCH TO DO HERE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE THESE TREES WHERE LEAF PEEPERS DRIVE TO MAPLE SYRUP IS PRO-DUCED THIS IS NEW HAMPSHIRE, HAMPSHIRE, HAMPSHIRE Catch me up at Loudon, at the Speedway for the race yo I made the flannel shirt more famous than a scarecrow Dont drink and drive here, listen to what I say even though we put our liquor stores right on the highway You can drive Mount Washington hike up Mount Monadnock in 1787 we invented the alarm clock Concord Coach, Dartmouth Coach, DowneasterAmtrak On Squam Lake, Henry Fonda taught yall how to act Derrys Alan Shepard, first guy in a spaceship Its a pity Christa McCaulliffe didnt make

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