Is the U.S. going to have a revolution?

Question by trenchcoat_mafia2005: Is the U.S. going to have a revolution?
I wonder what will happen when the majority of Americans see that there is a man who has waged a war with the IRS and has refused to pay the government ANY federal income taxes since 1997. He has stocked up on huge surpluses of food and has his own electricity along with plenty of weapons in his compound in New Hamshire. To date he has sent the IRS a statement saying that federal income taxes are illegal and to show why they are legal if their is a law that states they are legal. He has not been detained yet and he states that he welcomes anyone else who shares his viewpoint to join him in fighting the government. Will people start to revolt against our government and take back America???

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Answer by Texan
This is a waste of time. Because the IRS can wait till he dies and take everything from his estate. His family will get nothing. The IRS is a run away group that one or two people can not beat alone…………….

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