NHS Websites Branded a Waste of Time & Money by Department of Health

NHS Websites Branded a Waste of Time & Money by Department of Health

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The review concluded that the sites were badly designed and difficult to locate, whilst also acknowledging the existence of 4,121 NHS sites in its damning critique, with a further 1,000 no longer accessible. Around half of the sites did not provide e-mail addresses, and approximately one third of live sites were deemed to contain at least one deficit in standards.

One of the main flaws identified by the report was the difficulty with which many users found the site, and when they did, were overwhelmed by the amount of information on offer to them, and the lay-out of the content in general.

It is believed that this conglomeration of sub-standard websites will serve to diminish the credibility of the NHS. Rather than a proliferation of sites not fit for purpose, the research team suggested that one NHS website would be a sound solution, providing a central point of access for users and patients.

The defunct nature of the numerous NHS websites may be due to the lack of interactivity offered to site visitors. For instance, users are not able to book doctor appointments or converse with medical staff in any way via the internet. This is different state of affairs in comparison with the United States, where physicians regularly use the web to communicate with their patients.

It seems then, that the lack of expertise in the creation of these sites, as well as a fundamental oversight in terms of the potential of an online NHS presence, has led to mass of ineffective and unused sites, ready to be admitted to hospital in their feeble and infirm state.

Such is the extent of this digital waste, that Google lists 56 million pages with an nhs.uk domain. If some, or one, of these sites were to be given a web 2.0 drip, and a session of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=”http://uk.queryclick.com/seo-web-design/”>SEO web design</a> treatment, they may once again be fit for purpose. Although it seems they weren’t healthy to begin with.

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