How do I get a dealer License in NH?

Question by jasonzimbran: How do I get a dealer License in NH?
Hi I am looking to get a dealer license in NH, I am in disability for life so I am looking to make some extra cash. Is there anyway I can get a dealer license without owning a commercal lot. I am only looking to sell to the public. I have some cash that I can put down on it if the state needs me to. What do I have to do. I am looking to sell a couple cars a month. PLEASE I need your help?

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Answer by Bob
The bonding requirement could be an issue.

“A $ 20,000 to $ 10,000 depreciating bond, or a $ 100,000 blanket bond through the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association. The two dealer categories are Bonded and Licensed. Bonded dealers are not issued dealer plates.”

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