Did Ron Paul Win New Hampshire?

Please, before you comment, READ THE DESCRIPTION. READ THE TITLE. IT’S A QUESTION, NOT A STATEMENT. (You can tell by the question mark at the end.) www.boston.com Looks like Ron Paul won, with Tancredo in second if you look at the results posted here town by town, but when you scroll to the bottom the numbers literally do not add up. Now they changed their website to show McCain winning. Did The Boston Globe make a huge mistake in their journalism, or did they accidentally report the truth? I am glad I saved and uploaded this to youtube. Hopefully youtube does not delete my video. From user zipzep: I used a spreadsheet and recalced the results. Ron Paul got 86802 votes McCain? Hehe…hahahaha 207 votes!!! Yes, I did not miss any 0 in between. Romney is the one who actually got 17831 votes. Tancredo is the real second behind Paul, he got 73806 votes. On the made-to-be-hacked Diebold machines: www.youtube.com Thompson got only 66 votes. C-SPAN: Possible Sutton County, NH vote fraud 1/8/08 www.youtube.com PROOF THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY WAS A SCAM: www.youtube.com If you would like me to email you a copy of the video, please email me at poidog4ronpaul@yahoo.com.

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