Where can I rent a railroad station in NH?

Question by Erika S: Where can I rent a railroad station in NH?
Help! My brother is, right this minute, having his wedding reception in a rented railroad station in central NH and I can’t find my invitation and I have no idea even what city it is in! I’m thinking maybe Northfield, but I can’t find any information about where the station might be located.

Any help, including information on surrounding stations I might check, would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Kyle
not sure where but here are some cities in NH to consider:
1. Manchester, NH
2. Nashua, NH
3. Concord, NH
4. Keene, NH
5. Berlin, NH
6. Portsmouth, NH
7. Salem, NH
8. Rochester, NH
9. Lebanon, NH
Hope this helps in narrowing your search.

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