What was this animal?

Question by Sara: What was this animal?
I am a city person and do’nt really know the nature life much. newayz, my fam went camping in new hamshire last week and i saw the weirdest animal ever! It had no legs and was like long and skinny. I think it wuz some sort of giant worm like a nightcrawler cause it was way bigger than a normal worm. prob like 1 or 2 feet long. but it was’nt pink like the worms i see in pictures online. it was like dark brown and had 2 eyes. Wuz this some sort of giant worm or what? ps do’nt tell me it was a snake cause when it like snuck away into the bushes i saw its tale and it did’nt have a rattle.

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Answer by Get over it <3
It may have been a snake… not all snakes have rattles.

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