Anyone know a good place to go tent camping in NH or Maine?

Question by cnsconnor84: Anyone know a good place to go tent camping in NH or Maine?
I have between 4 to 6 Adults and 2 or 3 small children and 2 cars. (not sure yet). We would like running water, but no electricity is not a big deal. We will be using tents and want to avoid the big RV parks and the commercial places. No Pools, golfcourses, clubhouses, arcades etc. We want our children to experience the rustic NH wilderness while still being safe. If anyone has any recommendations or knows a good place to look please help me out ! Thanks.

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Answer by Maine Boy (formerly NYBoy)
in NH, anywhere in the white Mountain national forest–especially near the presidential range/mt washington–there are many campgrounds along the Kancamangous highway that are operated by the national forest service which means very rustic and primitive…do a google search of white Mountain Nationmal Forest and tons of info will pop up

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