Jeanne Shaheen: Political incivility is not the NH way

Jeanne Shaheen: Political incivility is not the NH way
Too much of our political debate in New Hampshire, as well as in Washington, on both sides of the aisle, has become an exchange of insults and slanders more appropriate to reality television than a legislature. It has to stop.
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Steve Clemons: Gordon Brown: Global Economy Still Not at a New Normal, Still Evolving, Shocks Ahead
This speech delivered at the 2011 Institute for New Economic Thinking Conference in Bretton Woods, NH by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was…
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Roads To Prosperity
Today, the US government is open for business, having narrowly averted a budget driven shut-down at the stroke of midnight Friday, the Dow is above 12,400, reported US unemployment is trending down, the Fed is closer to ending Quantitative Easing on schedule in June, and the government reports inflation is low and the economic recovery is taking hold.

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