Book details NH’s historic female sawmill

Book details NH’s historic female sawmill
Other states had Rosie the Riveters. New Hampshire had Lady Log Rollers. In September 1938, a devastating hurricane killed more than 600 people in New England and caused property damage equal to $ 5.5 billion in today’s dollars. It also blew down 2.6 million board feet of timber — enough to frame more than 170,000 homes.
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FAA Announces More Staffing at 27 Control Towers
The FAA will place an additional air traffic controller on the midnight shift at 27 control towers nationwide including Reno.
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Religion in NH presidential politics
A politician’s religion isn’t supposed to matter much in “unchurched’’ New Hampshire, but with church-state issues getting personal in Concord last week, will religion matter more in the 2012 Primary? And just what are the professed beliefs of the likely presidential candidates? The Sunday News takes a look.
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