COLLGE advice please?

Question by Hungston: COLLGE advice please?
Need some colleges to transfer to for my junior year :/?
I live in NY and attend a CUNY school. But I want a college that is private so i can dorm and is good. I hate the city life :/ I was looking into Sarah Lawrence, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, Saint Michaels college in Vermont. basically I want a Rural setting for a college maybe in Conneticut, NY, Vermont< new Hamshire or anywhere that has a good reputation because i want to go to Medical school, but ive been considering law school :/ so any ideas???? Also maybe Middle bury college... plus i am thinking about applying to all listed but i dont know.. I need help Best answer:

Answer by TK
My friend Paul went to Middlebury College and he loved every moment of it. He was a two sport star at Middlebury in football (he played for the legendary small college football coach Dick Farley in high school) and in baseball, in addition to being an expert skier. More importantly, he excelled academically at Middlebury. He’s one of the most intelligent and passionate persons I know and he swears that he owes much of it to the education he received at Middlebury. As you must know, Middlebury has a great campus and its surroundings are beautiful. Paul heads up there regularly and he tells me that the faculty is still great and that the student body still seems to be an outstanding of young people.

I met Paul because his mother was a patient of my father’s, and because Paul had been accepted at the same law school that I was attending in Cleveland Ohio. We met in the summer before he decided to go to CWRU Law School, and I can still recall the intensity of our discussion as though it happened yesterday.

The other schools you mention are all very good schools. But I know that Middlebury is a great school. That doesn’t mean that it’s the right school for you, but if you go there and excel then you can do anything you want when it comes to graduate schools.

You didn’t mention western Massachusetts, but there are many excellent small schools out there such as Amherst College, Smith College, and Williams College. Three great schools that should warrant your consideration.

Good luck with your transfer. Have fun, but don’t forget to study hard too.

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