Customized Closets Company in the Hanover & Lebanon, NH Area

Customized Closets Company in the Hanover & Lebanon, NH Area

In a recent interview, Mike Cota from New England Closet Design described his use of Social Media Marketing in the customized closets industry. New England Closet Design is located in the Hanover and Lebanon area of NH and has over 15 years of experience designing customized closets. They always strive to deliver a quality product that will produce complete customer satisfaction. Mike was interviewed by Derek Tsakiris of 910 Web Traffic as part of the Best Internet Marketing series.

Be it closets, entertainment systems, office furniture, laundry rooms or pantries, New England Closet Design will maximize your space with expert, innovative designs and quality installations. New England Closet Design has a strong commitment to their customers. Through their valued customer relationships they have become the industry leader for quality and personalized service. All of their systems are custom made in their own factory and specifically design for their customer’s unique storage requirements.

New England Closet Design recently announced its latest product offering, Hunter Douglas custom window treatments. Hunter Douglas custom window treatments are the finest in quality, beauty and function. As of June 2010, the only way to access the Hunter Douglas product line is through an authorized dealer/installer, like New England Closet Design. With Hunter Douglass installed by New England Closet Design, you can get started today on the road to elegant window treatments made specifically for you and installed by professionals that care about every detail of the project.

When selecting a company to install your customized closets, New England Closet Design President Mike Cota recommends you consider the following:

1). Always check for references from previous customers. At New England Closet Design we are happy to furnish potential customers with list of very satisfied customers (Many of them repeat customers). This is always a true test of a solid company.
2.) Is your “Custom Closet” custom built? Many “Custom Closet Companies” are not really custom at all. They purchase their products from an online company and simply do the install. Many times, this leads to sub-par quality. They use a 5/8″ thick material with inferior hardware and a sub-standard installation process. New England Closet Design will provide a true customized closet solution every time!
3.) Quality vs Price is important. Always make sure your closet designer uses only the best materials, the best installation practices and backs them up with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. We Do! When you build it right the first time, it will last forever. At New England Closet Design, you are guaranteed to get true quality at a great price.
4.) Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a reference. This will tell you if the company is reputable and has a good rating in the industry. Not all companies are members of the BBB, but you still may be able to obtain information about them from this great resource. Any company that is registered to do work in their home state should be in the BBB data base.
5.) Make sure the company is insured. All workers, including contract workers, need to have coverage. In the event of a problem you will glad that you checked on this detail.
6.) What will my home look like after? The installation process will probably be a few hours to one day in length. After the install comes the cleanup. At New England Closet Design we believe that not only are you hiring the best company, but you are purchasing an experience. With that in mind, all of our installers will make sure that your home looks as good or better after we have left. This includes the use of slippers or booties when we are in your home and a final vacuum after the last shelf is installed.

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If you need customized closets, contact Mike at New England Closet Design; If you need the Best Internet Marketing, contact Derek Tsakiris at 910 Web Traffic!

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