Living With Asperger’s/Cerebral Palsy – RE: “Driving” as a “Necessity” here in SE NH…

There is no public transit system for the disabled to utilize in the Nutfield Region of New Hampshire (Derry, Londonderry, Windham, Pelham, & Salem) – Therefore, for maximum personal “independence”, a Mild Cerebral Palsy (& Autistic) Developmentally-Disabled person, like myself, has to “drive” my own “motor vehicle”. Many decades ago, there used to be public transit into the city of Lawrence, MA, & up to Derry, where one could “change” trolley lines, to travel into the city of Manchester, NH, but it got all “torn out” after World War II, & “replaced” by “private” family motor vehicles. When my Great-Grandpa “Thomas” (whom I was named after) was a horse-drawn trolley driver @ the turn of the 20th Century (Davis Square, Sommerville, MA to Revere Beach Line) 111 years ago, he could hop on a train to the city of Lawrence, MA & get onto a trolley to get to the Canobie Lake Amusement Park in Salem, NH where I live & back, without resorting to “private/personal” means of transport – But that was “long ago”. The “proof” of that, is tthat when 1 of his 9 brothers & sisters (My Great-Great Uncle John) went with Great Grandpa Thomas to the Canobie Lake Amusement Park in 1905, he bought a personally engraved Whiskey Shot Glass there with the Canobie Lake Park Logo (@ that time) in the year 1905, & brought it back home with him to his farm on Prince Edward Island in Canada where it remains in another branch of my huge paternal extended family to this day. Not having Public Transit in
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