Newegg TV: Supreme Combo Ares Part III – Benchmarking and Overclocking Newegg SupremeCombo – Ares Limited Edition The hardware is assembled and Windows is loaded — it is now time to dig into the BIOS and overclocking utilities to tap into the Supreme Combo Ares Edition’s full potential. JJ from ASUS is back to lend his expertise as we explore 3 overclocking methods. First, a simple pre-set 4.0Ghz overclock using the ASUS CPU Level Up utility from within Windows. Next comes a demonstration of the ASUS ROG Connect feature, which allows you to connect a laptop or smart phone via USB or Bluetooth for on-the-fly settings adjustments. Finally, JJ walks us through an old-school 4.4Ghz overclock from within the BIOS. Stay tuned for benchmark results at the end of the video! The Full Combo Combo Page @ Newegg: – Credits – Host: Paul Special Guest: JJ, ASUS Senior Technical Marketing Specialist Additional Benchmarking: Matt Camera, Editing: Lam Music by 1Left –

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